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Joining the Global Fight Against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Football

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Joining the Global Fight Against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Football

No matter who we are or where we are, we can all make a difference in the global fight against human trafficking, specifically in the realm of football. This worldwide problem necessitates collective action. There are numerous ways to stand against human trafficking and protect the vulnerable around us. A simple yet impactful model to follow in this battle is “Learn, Act, Advocate”.

1- Learn

Education is the first and most potent tool in this fight. Understanding the issue of human trafficking increases the chances of recognizing and reporting it, which could literally save lives. The SINAFE Toolkit and this training module offer comprehensive resources to develop your knowledge about human trafficking and football trafficking.

Learning to recognize the signs and indicators of human trafficking is paramount. These signs can fall under different categories, and knowing them can help in identifying potential victims.

Online training on safeguarding and trafficking can further enhance your capacity to combat human trafficking. Staying informed by subscribing to blogs and updates from anti-trafficking nonprofits and organizations can provide up-to-date information and innovative solutions in this fight.

2- Act

Once equipped with knowledge, it’s time to act. One practical step is signing the #NOTINOURGAME code of conduct to demonstrate your commitment. If you ever witness anything suspicious, report your concerns to the appropriate entity – remember, if you see something, say something!

Challenge common myths surrounding human trafficking and be aware of your own misconceptions. Identify potential risks and opportunities to act against human trafficking in your community or network.

3- Advocate

Finally, become an advocate. Initiating conversations about human trafficking can lead to significant change. If you’re an athlete, consider partnering with an anti-trafficking NGO in your club’s local area and start a campaign week to raise awareness.

Sign the Code of Conduct and join the #NOTINOURGAME Campaign to publicly align yourself with the movement against human trafficking. Utilize social media to extend your reach, using the hashtag #NOTINOURGAME to raise awareness about the issue of sport trafficking.

Through our collective effort, we can contribute to the global fight against human trafficking, making the world of football – and the world at large – a safer place for everyone. Join us, learn, act, and advocate. Together, we can make a difference.